Involuntarily celibate men are trying to leave ‘toxic’ online spaces but don’t know how to escape

By Faima Bakar

Research Fellow from the Centre on Radicalisation and Terrorism Dr Rakib Ehsan says hateful incels who turn to the manosphere can be de-radicalised much in the same way as religious extremists. He tells us: ‘The dark incel subculture on the web tells a general story of young men who are socially isolated and consumed by an overwhelming feeling of rejection — particularly in a romantic sense. ‘A starting point would be providing such young men with a greater sense of “real-life” belonging and encouraging them to adopt a more optimistic and hopeful mindset which is based on personal responsibility and economic self-sufficiency. ‘And, in a way, that actually makes them more “marketable” in a dating sense. ‘Physical exercise can help positive wellbeing but can also have a positive impact on appearance self-perceptions.’


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