How The Darknet Can Be Used By Terrorists To Obtain Weapons

By Nikita Malik

Last week, I wrote about the overlaps between terrorism and criminality, drawing attention to the use of drug trafficking, kidnap for ransom, and document fraud.

As well as these trends, there have been cases of terrorists working with criminals to obtain weapons. The sales taking place on Darknet marketplaces deserve greater attention. To date, open source evidence of a direct link between weapons markets online and terrorism has been mostly anecdotal.

A week after the attacks in Paris in November 2015, for example, it was reported that the four assault rifles used in the attack had been originally obtained on the Darknet by a man in Germany, who was later arrested on suspicion of running an illegal arms business and selling firearms online.  This claim has yet to be verified by French or German authorities, however, and remains unconfirmed. According to official documents from the prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart, Germany, the weapons used in the November 2015 Paris attacks were purchased on the Darknet from a German supplier going by the user name ‘DW Guns’.


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