How can Britain secure its interests in Europe?

By James Rogers

Now that the United Kingdom (UK) has left the European Union (EU), London needs to develop a new geostrategy towards its own continental neighbourhood. This must go beyond proposals for the future UK-EU relationship, a vision for which David Frost, the Prime Minister’s Europe Advisor, outlined in Brussels last month. It must also regenerate Britain’s ability to shape the future of the continental order.

From a geopolitical standpoint, Britain’s primary objective in Europe has been, at least since the Tudor era, to uphold the security of smaller countries by preventing one of the larger powers from achieving – in Sir Winston Churchill’s words – the ‘overlordship’ of Europe, to the extent that it could draw the British Isles into its own economic and political orbit. Until the early twentieth century, Britain achieved this objective through a strategy known as ‘offshore balancing’. Each time a budding overlord emerged, the UK would lend its weight to construct and/or support a rival coalition to knock the ascendant power down.


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