Hong Kong’s autonomous status has significantly deteriorated, UK think tank says

By Kris Cheng, Hong Kong Free Press

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A British think tank says that Hong Kong’s autonomous status has deteriorated significantly over recent years, in a new report written by Hong Kong and international activists and scholars.

The Henry Jackson Society launched the report entitled Hong Kong After 20 Years: the Rollback of Civil, Human, and Legal Rights at the British House of Lords on Tuesday.

“[It] is remarkable to observe how much the tone has changed over the past ten years,” the report’s conclusion said. “In 2017, there are severe concerns that the guarantees given under the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ principle are being fundamentally undermined.”

“At the heart of Hong Kong’s special status and autonomy, is its independent judiciary and respect for the rule of law. The Basic Law guarantees judicial independence in Hong Kong, a concept alien to the one-party state now exercising sovereignty over the HKSAR. This inherent conflict explains the pattern of attacks and challenges to the judicial system, slowly undermining the rule of law, freedoms and human rights in the territory.”

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