From Bercow to Corbyn, Trump’s UK visit has exposed a nest of political hypocrites

By Dr Alan Mendoza

No sooner had the announcement been made that President Donald Trump would be making a state visit to the UK in June than a predictable flurry of criticism emerged from a group of the usual suspects.

Leading this crowd of dissenters who have said that they will refuse to attend a state dinner with our honoured guest were a curious trio: Sir Vince Cable, John Bercow, and Jeremy Corbyn– representing, in turn, irrelevance, self-promotion, and hypocrisy of the first order.

It is nobody’s fault if they have forgotten who or what Sir Vince represents in British politics. So abject has been his failure to break through electorally at a time when Brexit has dominated debate, when his is the only party unequivocally backing Remain, that even he has recognised it.

He will shortly be resigning and disappearing into the political ether, in what will hopefully be a long and happy retirement.

In contrast, the man Cable has slighted is only three years younger than him and – on current trends – likely to win a second term as the most powerful political leader in the world. It is safe to say that Trump will not lose much sleep about missing out on the pleasure of dining with Sir Vince, if indeed he knows who he is.

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