For years Britain was soft on Russia and its money – finally we are standing up to Moscow

By Dr Andrew Foxall

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There are some politicians in Europe who still believe that the West should engage with Russia. They argue that Russia’s interests can be accommodated; that the greater danger is of over-reacting to Russia’s behaviour, not appeasing it; and that the European Union and NATO share some of the blame for the current tensions between Western capitals and Moscow.

Not so Theresa May.

In her speech to the Lord Mayor’s Banquet on Monday, the Prime Minister was explicit that Russia’s actions “threaten the international order on which we all depend”. She accused the Kremlin of having meddled in Western elections, hacked Western governments, and pursued its own interests “at any cost”, all as part of an effort to “sow discord in the West and undermine our institutions”.

The forthright nature of the Prime Minister’s comments should not come as a surprise. Over recent years, a new Russia policy has been taking shape in the UK. Its aim is to protect the UK and our allies. The days when the UK sought to influence developments inside Russia are long gone.

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