Five Eyes “needs major 5G vendor”

By Anthony Spadafora

During a recent speech in London to the British foreign policy think tank the Henry Jackson Society, Turnbull shared his views on the matter and expressed his disappointment over how the Five Eyes nations do not have their own champion in 5G, saying:

“In many discussions with my western counterparts, I raised the concern that we, and in particular the Five Eyes, had got to the point where there were now essentially four leading vendors of 5G systems — two Chinese, Huawei and ZTE, and two European, Ericsson and Nokia. With the benefit of hindsight it beggars belief that the countries which pioneered wireless technology — the United States, the UK, Germany, Japan and with WiFi, Australia — have got to the point where none of them are able to present one of their own telcos [as] a national, or a Five Eyes, champion in 5G.”

Turnbull also explained that Australia’s decision to ban Huawei and ZTE last summer was carried out to defend the country’s sovereignty and as a “hedge against changing times”.

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