False parity

By Tom Wilson

There has been considerable press attention given to the growth of the extreme Right in Western countries. In Britain many of our politicians appear much more at ease when condemning the far Right than they ever are when talking about Islamists. The violent Right is growing, and should be countered, but the present attitude seems to miss the point.

At times, the tendency has been to talk about far-right terrorism as if this is now the “new threat”, often in a tone that suggests that this group has perhaps somehow replaced the Islamists. As if to say, this is where we should be focusing more of our attention instead. At the very least you will hear the far Right and violent Islamism casually referred to as “two sides of the same coin”. This doesn’t only oversimplify matters; it also creates a false parity, which isn’t particularly helpful given that the challenge that each of these ideologies poses is quite different.

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