Exclusive Interview: The Henry Jackson Society’s Richard Black Talks About His Report Regarding Islamic Extremism On University Campuses

By Frank Camp, The Daily Wire

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On February 1, the Henry Jackson Society (HJS), a U.K. think tank, released a report titled, “Tolerating the Intolerant: A Report on ‘Students not Suspects.’”

As the title suggests, the report focuses on a movement known as “Students Not Suspects” (SNS), which operates under the umbrella of the National Union of Students (NUS). According to Richard Black, the author of the report, the mission of SNS is the abolition of a government-backed counter-extremism program called “Prevent.”

The HJS report states that “under the pretense of wanting to abolish Prevent, leading ‘Students Not Suspects’ activists have hosted extremist speakers at a series of unbalanced events. Many of them belong to organizations that have Islamist links and troubling histories of intolerance and sympathies for terrorism. …”

The activists have also allegedly “condemned individuals who have expressed opposition to extremism,” crying “racism” and “Islamophobia.” The report suggests that while criticizing “Prevent” is a legitimate endeavor, SNS “has effectively become a vehicle for extremist interests.”

The following is an interview The Daily Wire conducted with Richard Black, who, as previously mentioned, was the principal author of the report.

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