Europe ponders next move as Trump rejects ‘defective’ Iran deal

By Damien McElroy, The National

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Boris Johnson, the British foreign secretary, had proclaimed US President Donald Trump could merit a Nobel Peace Prize while French President Emmanuel Macron had engaged in a day-long bromance with the US leader. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel showed a warm side to the property developer in the White House.

But European hopes turned to ashes when Mr Trump announced that America would withdraw from “the defective at its core” Iran agreement when he spoke from the Diplomatic Room. He said he would work with allies to find a real, comprehensive and lasting solution” to Iran’s nuclear threat.

A report from The Henry Jackson Society think tank said Europe will still face a dilemma of how to tackle Iran’s ballistic missile programme, which has grown rapidly as sanctions were lifted and posed a rising challenge to the region.

“In the two years since the nuclear deal was signed, Tehran has flagrantly carried on testing missiles capable of carrying increased payloads; has constructed missile facilities in Lebanon; and has armed its regional proxies: Hezbollah, and the Houthi rebels in Yemen,” said Timothy Stafford, a researcher and the report author.

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