Europe can still salvage this NATO summit – here’s how

By Dr John Hemmings

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The first day of the NATO summit has confirmed the worst fears of NATO’s alliance managers. Despite a seemingly promising Summit Declaration confirming defence for Ukraine and adherence to the Wales 2014 commitments, many problems remain unresolved.

In a similar vein to the letters sent to specific NATO member states thought to be shirking their contributions, President Trump launched into a surprising attack on Germany, asserting that they are “controlled by Russia”. The remark – and the large helping of irony that came with it – provoked German leader Angela Merkel to respond in kind, stating that Germany did quite enough for the alliance, contributing the second largest number of troops to the alliance.

While most NATO leaders will most likely be lining up behind her in this unstatesmanlike confrontation, the fact is – as I have written before – Trump is completely correct: Germany is not doing enough.

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