“Death to the dictator”

By Antje Schippmann, Bild

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How dicey is the revolt for the mullahs? BILD spoke with Iran experts and Middle East analysts.

For two days, tens of thousands of Iranians across the country have been demonstrating against their government, the Islamist mullah regime.

Their starting point was the protests in Mashhad, the second largest city in the country. The trigger was the ever-increasing cost of food.

However, the power structure and the years of preparation of the Iranian regime for political unrest speak rather that these protests are suppressed, estimates Middle East analyst Kyle Orton of the British think tank “Henry Jackson Society” compared to BILD the situation.

One can not be sure in such predictions, however: “The protests have spread very quickly, and the slogans are among the hardest: they reject the entire system of the Islamic Republic and not just individual factions or versions.”

In general, such situations are difficult to predict, since Iran is dealing with a closed system whose potential weak spots are not seen, Orton continues. In some places, for example, security forces are said to have refused to crack down on the peaceful protesters.

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