David Davies: Now that we’re leaving the EU, we must also quit the European Arrest Warrant

By David Davies MP, ConservativeHome

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David Davies is Chair of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee, and is MP for Monmouth.

A nation which has no control over who crosses its borders is not a free nation in any sense of the word. Many, perhaps most, of those who voted for Brexit recognised both fact, and registered voter concerns about large-scale immigration into the UK as a result of the freedom of movement rules.

report by the Henry Jackson Society found that Romania’s recent spate of anti-corruption convictions has seen ‘routine violations’ of both the EU’s own Charter on Fundamental Rights and the ECHR. Abuses, the report found, include lengthy pre-trial detention, often in appalling conditions, the undermining of judicial independence by the security services and threatening the relatives of suspects. The report concluded that recent developments in the country demonstrate ‘considerable continuity with the communist era’.

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