Controversial ‘Islamist plot’ meeting set to go ahead in UK despite ban calls

By Unattributed, The National

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A controversial event featuring an official banned from British schools for promoting hardline Islamist teaching was set to go ahead on Friday despite calls for a boycott following allegations of extremism against the organisers.

The meeting featured school director Tahir Alam, identified as a central figure in the so-called Trojan Horse affair, an alleged attempt to oust headteachers in the UK’s second city of Birmingham and introduce curriculums based on intolerant Islamic values.

The meeting “Trojan Horse: The Facts” was organised by a grassroots organisation Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) which was this week accused of fostering extremism in a report published by a right-wing thinktank.

The Henry Jackson Society claimed members of the group downplayed the terrorist nature of attacks, promoted conspiracy theories, suggested that those returning from fighting in Syria should not be prosecuted and sought to legitimise the killing of British troops in Iraq.

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