Controversial imam who called Islamist murderer a ‘hero’ is allowed to join Labour – because he thinks Corbyn will fix knife crime

By Ben Lazarus, The Sun


A CONTROVERSIAL imam who praised an Islamist murderer as “a hero” has been recruited to join the Labour Party, The Sun can reveal.

Preacher Mahmood Ul Hassan claimed he joined the party because Jeremy Corbyn would “resolve issues” such as knife crime, the NHS and Islamophobia.

The Director of the Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism at The Henry Jackson Society, Nikita Malik, added: “This is a constituency which includes the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge – the scene of a number of appalling terrorist attacks in recent months.

“Anybody campaigning to represent that seat in Parliament must surely seek to represent the whole community, and be unequivocal in condemning any form of hatred or support for violence.

“For a candidate to welcome into their party an individual who praised a murderer as a ‘hero and martyr’ is deeply troubling.”

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