Complacency towards the Far-Right will only help spread antisemitism on campus

By Elliot Miller

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Reports of a spate of swastika graffiti and Holocaust denial leaflets discovered on university campuses across the UK over the past week raises serious concerns, and highlights the challenge faced by universities as they seek to protect students from extremism.

At the University of Cambridge, two swastikas were found on a map and flyers supporting the Holocaust denier, David Irving, were seen at the university earlier this month.  Leaflets spreading Holocaust denial at University College London led the Jewish Society to release a statement condemning the “trivialising of Jewish history”, while a swastika and a “Rights for Whites” sign were discovered at the University of Exeter.

Increasingly, universities have strong policies to mitigate the risks posed by extremist speakers on campus, but these incidents pose an entirely different threat – one which is far harder to deal with through risk assessment procedures for a number of reasons.

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