China finding it tough to pick up bargains in US ‘mega-mall’

By Gordon Watts, Asia Times

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When it comes to buying binges, China has scoured the world for investment opportunities. But one “mega-mall” with an array of high-tech goodies on offer has been gradually closed to the country’s unwanted advances.

Emblazoned across its entrance is The United States of America and on the bolted doors is a simple message, the sale is over.

A study by the Henry Jackson Society, an influential conservative British policy think tank, argued that while Chinese moves should be welcomed, the financial backing of the UK’s digital sector and infrastructure projects were not without risks.

“Indeed, there is a trend in Europe, the US and, now, Australia of checking China’s investment surge,” John Hemmings, the director of the Asia Studies Centre at the Henry Jackson Society, told the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies in the UK.

“Security experts argue that such investments should be monitored and – on occasion – blocked from key parts of the British economy,” he added.

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