Charities must not harbour those who would subvert our democracy

By Emma Webb

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It has been an exhausting couple of weeks for the charitable sector, with a seemingly endless wellspring of Oxfam scandals, the resignation of Unicef’s chief executive and the rollercoaster of Tina Stowell’s appointment as the new chair of the Charity Commission.

The outgoing head of the commission, William Shawcross, fought relentlessly to eliminate abuse from the sector. Baroness Stowell has her work cut out if she wants to pull off her stated mission of reversing what is an alarming decline in public trust.

A new report by the Henry Jackson Society has found that Islamist extremists operating in the UK have established a number of charities through which they receive the many benefits this status brings: credibility, access to the public and vulnerable beneficiaries, secure platforms to spread their radical views and, perhaps most alarmingly, tax exemption and taxpayers’ money.

For the most part, these people are not violent extremists.

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