By shunning its patriotic Brexit-backing voters, Labour will struggle to win power again

By Dr Rakib Ehsan

At May’s local elections, the Conservatives lost 1,330 councillors. Following the Government’s disastrous management of Brexit, the Tories then secured a paltry voteshare of 9% as they finished fifth in the recent European Parliament elections. And they came third in yesterday’s by-election in Peterborough, a seat they had held until 2o17. Theresa May has announced her impending resignation and the party is in the midst of a leadership contest where rival candidates have already begun sniping away at one another.

Under these circumstances, Labour should be providing encouraging electoral performances which demonstrate that they are a government-in-waiting. Instead, the party ended the local elections with a net deficit of 84 councillors and finished a distant third with only 14% of the popular vote at the European Parliament election – 2.9 million votes behind the victorious, newly-formed Brexit Party led by Nigel Farage.


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