British jihadism’s familiar connections: Usman Khan, Al Muhajiroun and Pakistan

By Dr Paul Stott

The deadly terror attack at the northern end of London Bridge was the first fatal Islamist outrage in Britain this year. Two workers devoted to the rehabilitation of offenders, Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones, were stabbed to death at an event organised by the rehabilitation charity, Learning Together.

As details of the attack emerged, a sense of anger and horror became predominant. This was mitigated by a degree of pride at the response of Londoners—ex-prisoners and workers from the conference venue, alongside passersby, fought jihadist Usman Khan to a standstill, until he was shot dead by police. But there was also déjà vu—much the same happened in 2017, when three terrorists killed eight civilians after a van and knife attack at the southern end of London Bridge. Britons are no longer surprised by jihadist murders.


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