British ISIS fanatics could soon be waging war in Afghanistan after being blasted from their terror strongholds in Iraq and Syria

By Patrick Knox, The Sun

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BRITISH jihadists driven out of Iraq and Syria by the defeat of ISIS’s caliphate could be making their way to Afghanistan to wage their holy war.

French and Algerian fighters have already joined the ranks of the Islamic State group in northern Afghanistan where the militants have established new bases.

It is the first time the presence of French ISIS fighters has been recorded in Afghanistan and comes as analysts suggested foreigners including Brits may be heading for the war-torn country.

Middle East analyst Kyle Orton, from the Henry Jackson Society, told Sun Online: “It is certainly possible that British jihadists in the ranks of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq have made their way to Afghanistan.

“There has long been concern among Western security services that with the collapse of the caliphate there would be a dispersal of the foreign fighters, to their native countries, where they would be a domestic terror threat, and around the world to other jihadi theatres.”

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