Britain’s supercarrier Queen Elizabeth to face off against China in her own backyard

By Marco Giannangeli, The Sunday Express

Report authors James Rogers and Dr John Hemmings, said: “In the South China Sea, the People’s Republic of China is seeking to revise the Law of the Sea by asserting a number of unlawful and excessive claims over various international waters and low-tide elevations.

This is important because the UK, a maritime trading power, relies on maritime communication lines, which in turn depend on the cohesion of the rules-based international system.

“Maintaining a persistent naval presence in the Indo-Pacific – not least the South China Sea – comes at a cost.

“However, over twelve percent of British trade passes through the South China Sea each year, equivalent to £92 billion. The question is not whether the UK can afford to do this but whether it  can afford not to.”

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