Britain MUST monitor Islam converts more aggressively to stop ISIS attacks, report warns

By Alix Culbertson, Daily Express

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Islamic converts are “over-represented” among foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq, the study by the highly-respected Henry Jackson Society think tank found.

They have also been responsible for a “range of major terrorist attacks”, the report discovered.

Earlier this month British authorities revealed about 850 people from the UK have traveled to support or fight for jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq.

The most successful foreign conversion strand of Islam is the ultra-conservative Salafi group, which ISIS has worked hard with to ensure the terror cult’s archaic beliefs are “capable of being embraced by followers from a diverse array of backgrounds”, researchers found.

The report, entitled ‘Converts to Islam and Home Grown Jihadism’, looked into whether people of all upbringings can be converted to the extreme Islam which ISIS subscribes to.

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