Britain is Europe’s big hitter, and there is no reason its influence cannot grow after Brexit

By James Rogers

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Last night, Members of Parliament voted to bring to an end a four decade period in which European law has been supreme in the United Kingdom. In a few moments, the birthplace of modern parliamentary sovereignty re-established its fiat over our national destiny. As Britain takes back control of its laws and re-establishes its sovereignty, unravelling decades of European political integration, it finds itself in an astonishing position.

We have heard much bluster recently about the country’s inherent weakness, and its imminent decline. Arguments have been made that the United Kingdom will suffer “serious consequences” for seeking autonomy from the European institutions; that it will be “humiliated”; and that it will eventually “grovel” to them for re-admission. For some, Britain is a dwarf in relation to the European colossus; a weak British supplicant in comparison to an authoritative European subject, over which London has little influence or control.

Yet, as the Audit of Geopolitical Capability – the first report from the Global Britain Programme at The Henry Jackson Society – reveals, Britain is currently the world’s second most capable nation, and by some margin the most capable country in Europe. Based on seven categories, each containing five indicators, themselves comprised of nearly sixty components, the audit is not interested exclusively in each country’s sheer mass or size.

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