Brexit was a working-class revolt

By Joanna Williams

It is a myth that Brexit was exclusively backed by white people. In particular, as Rakib Ehsan has pointed out, regions with large South Asian populations voted to leave the EU, including Luton (56.5 per cent leave), Hillingdon (56.4 per cent leave), Slough (54.3 per cent leave) and Bradford (54.2 per cent Leave). Data from the West London boroughs of Ealing and Hounslow, Ehsan writes, similarly suggests that many Asian voters were not averse to backing Leave: while the borough of Ealing voted overall Remain by 60.4 per cent, wards in Southall – with a large South Asian population – voted only very narrowly Remain (50.5 per cent and 50.9 per cent respectively), while the more prosperous, predominantly white wards such as Southfield, Northfield, Walpole and Ealing Broadway all voted over 70 per cent in favour of Remain.

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