Brexit was a working-class revolt

By Joanna Williams

Those of us who voted to leave the EU have become all too familiar with the insults. For almost three years now we’ve been labelled as parochial and lizard-brained, ignorant, racist, gullible, xenophobic and sexist. Sofa-psychologists diagnose us as being driven by imperial fantasies and nostalgia for the British Empire. To the supposedly more sympathetic, ignored, left-behind and forgotten voters backed Brexit in ‘a cry of pain’.

Now, in the Brexit endgame, when it looks increasingly likely that Article 50 will either be extended or revoked altogether, there’s a new story taking shape. The insults are certainly still there, although the pity has long since dried up. Now, attempts to justify reneging on Brexit write working-class people out of the vote to leave the EU altogether. The line being pushed by Remainer commentators is that Brexit was all down to a white, male elite and nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of us.


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