Brexit Britain ‘wields most influence in Europe and is second only to US worldwide’

By James Rothwell, Daily Telegraph

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Britain wields the most geopolitical influence in Europe and is in a “remarkably strong” position to mould its own destiny after Brexit, a think tank has said, as its director hit out at “doom and gloom” displayed by pro-Remain campaigners.

In its Audit of Geopolitical Capability, the Henry Jackson Society calculated the influence of the eight most powerful countries in the world, ranking the United Kingdom in second place after the United States.

It classified the UK as a “global power…with substantial resources and capabilities, with the means to extend them in many regions of the world” and gave the country a geopolitical score of 40.85 out of 100.

This was largely due to Britain’s high level of competence in diplomacy, security and “cultural prestige,” such as global brands and appeal to tourists, the report said.

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