Are the Conservatives now the natural party for Hindu voters?

By Dr Rakib Ehsan

British politics could not be more unpredictable. A number of groups are very much “in play” in this general election, as bonds of party identification continue to fray. We have heard a lot about pro-Brexit traditional Labour voters in the Midlands, Northern England, and Wales, who are being eyed up by Boris Johnson as he targets a parliamentary majority. But there is another section of the UK’s “volatile” electorate which is just as much of a key Labour-Tory battleground but which has not received anything like as much attention: British Indian Hindus.

There has been a steady movement of British Indian Hindu voters away from Labour in recent elections, as these often highly-educated, upwardly-mobile voters have become more willing to give the Conservatives their support. Research produced by London-based think-tank Runnymede Trust has shown that the Conservative vote share within the broader British Indian ethnic group is steadily on the rise, while Labour support among British voters of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin has risen even further under Jeremy Corbyn.

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