Amazon Frown: Amazon Smile should stop sending money to extremists

By The Times

When you buy a cagoule or a jigsaw at Amazon Smile (which promises the “same products, same prices, same service” as normal Amazon) you can have 0.5 per cent of the purchase price donated to a charity of your choice, provided it is on Amazon’s approved list. In effect, other customers will be subsidising your choice of good cause.

The problem comes when the cause is not good. As we have reported in recent days an organisation called the Muslim Research and Development Foundation, or MRDF, is on the Amazon list and will be receiving money from purchases. On its own website MRDF describes its role as “developing Muslim leaders, scholars and intellectuals to promote the pristine teachings of Islam to western audiences”. The key word here is “pristine”. It signifies that this is a Salafist organisation devoted to teaching one extreme version of Islam.


Read the full article in The Times. 


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