After Christchurch: we need a civic patriotism

By Dr Rakib Ehsan

When an airplane crashes, investigators scour the wreckage to find the ‘black box’ to ascertain how such a disaster occurred. When a terrorist strikes, leaving havoc in his wake, it is to his words – however, twisted – we must turn. Before conducting his attacks in New Zealand, Australian far-right terrorist Brenton Tarrant uploaded a document titled ‘The Great Replacement: Towards a New Society’.

Tarrant’s warped love-letter to far-right terrorism talks of ‘Muslim invaders’, heavily implicated in ethnic, racial and cultural ‘displacement’ across Western countries due to their relatively high fertility rates. As well as making clear his anti-Islamic motivations, Tarrant writes that he is ‘anti-immigration, anti-ethnic replacement and anti-cultural replacement’.

But this is by no means the full picture.


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