Global Britain Programme

The Global Britain Programme is a research programme within the Henry Jackson Society.

The Programme aims to educate the public on the need for an open, confident and expansive British geostrategic policy in the twenty-first century – drawing on the United Kingdom’s unique strengths not only as an advocate for liberalism and national democracy, but also as a custodian of both the European and international orders.


Why Does Global Britain Matter?

What is the UK’s role in the defence of Europe?

Why Does Global Britain Matter?

What is the geography of British power?



After the NATO Summit: Towards the ‘Normalisation’ of British Military Spending?

Defending Europe: ‘Global Britain’ and the Future of European Geopolitics

What the European Union owes the United Kingdom

Global Britain and the Future of the British Armed Forces

Towards “Global Britain”: Challenging the New Narratives of National Decline

Audit of Geopolitical Capability: A Comparison of Eight Major Powers


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