The China Nexus. Thirty Years In and Around the Chinese Communist Party’s Tyranny

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The China Nexus. Thirty Years In and Around the Chinese Communist Party’s Tyranny

22nd February 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Benedict Rogers first went to China at age 18 to teach English for six months in Qingdao (1992), three years after the Tiananmen Square massacre.

That opened the door to a thirty-year adventure with China, from teaching English in schools and hospitals to working as a journalist in Hong Kong documenting the plight of refugees escaping from Beijing-backed satellite dictatorships and then campaigning for human rights in China. In 2017, on the orders of Beijing, he was denied entry to Hong Kong, 20 years after he had moved to the city and began his working life as a journalist and activist.

His new book – “The China Nexus” – tells the story of his fight for freedom for the peoples of China and neighbouring countries Myanmar and North Korea and sets out how a global movement for human rights in China is emerging and what the free world should do next. It describes the importance of the “China Nexus” in the author’s journey and geopolitics and its challenges. Pioneering international inquiries into forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience, the genocide of the Uyghurs and global action for Hong Kong, as well as highlighting the Vatican’s silence, the author has been at the heart of advocacy for human rights in China in recent years.

Rogers takes the readers on a journey through some of the leaders and participants in the Human rights activities that China has suppressed since its inception in 1949. He goes on to dispute and lays to rest all of the specious claims by the tyrants in Beijing that all Chinese citizens are equal and are afforded human and civil rights. Currently, the regime is engaged in re-education, cultural assimilation, and multiple genocides, leading to better citizens for China and the world if one believes Chinese officials.

The Henry Jackson Society is delighted to present Benedict Roger’s most recent book, “The China Nexus. Thirty Years In and Around the Chinese Communist Party’s Tyranny”, where the author will be discussing the Chinese regime’s thirty years of tyranny and what to expect from the regime in the future with a panel of distinguished interlocutors who have seen China’s excesses firsthand: former Hong Kong legislator Wing Tat Lee, human rights activist Rahima Mahmut and CEO of the China Democracy Foundation in Canada Dean Baxendale.

The book is published by Optimum Publishing International.



Benedict Rogers is a human rights activist and writer. He is the co-founder and Chief Executive of Hong Kong Watch, Senior Analyst for East Asia at the international human rights organisation CSW, co-founder and Deputy Chair of the UK Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, a member of the advisory group of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC) and a board member of the Stop Uyghur Genocide Campaign. He has testified at hearings in the British Parliament, the US Congress, the European Parliament and the Japanese Parliament, speaks at universities, churches and conferences around the world, appears regularly on BBC, Al-Jazeera, Sky News, CNN and other international media and is a frequent contributor to international publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The New York Post, The Spectator, The Diplomat, Foreign Policy, The Tablet, The Catholic Herald,,, CapX and others.

Benedict is the author of seven books, including his most recent, The China Nexus: Thirty Years In and Around the Chinese Communist Party’s Tyranny (published in 2022 by Optimum Publishing International), which details the human rights crisis in China today, including the genocide of the Uyghurs, the dismantling of Hong Kong’s freedoms, atrocities in Tibet, forced organ harvesting, the persecution of Christians, the crackdown on lawyers, journalists, bloggers, civil society and dissidents throughout China and the Chinese Communist Party regime’s complicity with crimes against humanity in Myanmar and North Korea, threats to Taiwan, threats to the free world, and what we should do about it all. The book, with a Foreword by Lord Alton and Preface by Nathan Law, has been endorsed by, among others, the last Governor of Hong Kong Lord Patten of Barnes, the former Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei and the pioneer of Magnitsky sanctions, Bill Browder. Ben has lived and worked in China and Hong Kong, but is now banned from entry and threatened with imprisonment under Hong Kong’s draconian National Security Law. He is based in London.



Dean Baxendale is a CEO of the China Democracy Foundation and Optimum Publishing International.  He was civically engaged in his teens and has been involved with the development of federal policy for both the Liberal and Conservative party’s in Canada.

Mr Baxendale has spent his career as a writer, educator and communications specialist. He graduated from the British Columbia Instuture of Technology, Marketing Management in 1980 and studied economics at Simon Fraser University.

in 2017, Dean relaunched forty-five year old publishing house Optimum Publishing International after it’s founder Michael Baxendale passed. The publishing house focuses on public policy, global affairs, transnationsl organized Crime and geo-politics.  He has published four books on the CCP’s human rights record and , influence operations in the West over the past three years.

Since 2021, Baxendale has written articles, papers & spoken extensively on The CCP’s Human Rights record, Influence operations and links between transnational organized crime and the CCP’s Hybrid Warfare operations in the free world.

He has partnered with international organisations such as Hong Kong Watch, IPAC and others on conferences and other China-related initiatives.



Wing Tat Lee served as a member of the Legislative Council in Hong Kong for five terms, from 1991-2012, and as the third Chairman of the Democratic Party of Hong Kong from 2004-2006. Born in Hong Kong, he began his studies at the University of Hong Kong in 1976 and was elected as Vice President of Student Union in 1979. In 1985 he was elected as a District councillor, and in 1986, he became a member of Basic Law Consultative Committee. Starting from 1989, he worked very closely with Martin Lee and Szeto Wah, two key leaders in Hong Kong’s democratic movement, and was a co-founder and core member of the Democratic Party led by Martin Lee. He organised and participated actively in the Umbrella Movement in 2014 and the anti-extradition law movement in 2019. He was arrested and convicted for participating in public assembly. He left Hong Kong and moved to the UK in August 2021 and has no party affiliation now.



Rahima Mahmut is an Uyghur singer, human rights activist, and award-winning translator of the poignant prison memoir The Land Drenched in Tears by Soyungul Chanisheff. She translated the testimonies of survivors during the Uyghur Tribunal, and is a prominent voice for Uyghurs in the UK. Rahima’s work includes producing music for award-winning Al Jazeera documentary ‘Living in the Unknown,’ working as a consultant and translator for the Bafta-winning ITV documentary ‘Undercover: Inside China’s Digital Gulag,’ and translator for the BBC documentary ‘China: A New World Order.’ She is currently UK Director of the World Uyghur Congress, Executive Director of Stop Uyghur Genocide, and an Advisor to the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China.



Dr Alan Mendoza is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Henry Jackson Society, Britain’s leading thinktank fighting for the principles and alliances which keep societies free. He directs strategy for the organisation as well as acting as its main public face in mediums as diverse as the BBC, Sky, CNBC, Al-Jazeera. Bloomberg, LBC and TalkRadio. On the print side, Alan is a columnist for City AM, London’s business newspaper, and has contributed to The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Sun and a host of international newspapers and magazines.

Having obtained a B.A. (Hons.) and M.Phil in history at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, Alan completed a Ph.D. at the same institution. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and was the Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservative Party in the Brent Central Constituency for the 2015 General Election. He is also a Trustee of the President Reagan Memorial Fund Trust.

Optimum Publishing International is offering free shipping for purchases made in the US and Canada. Please contact for further information.









The Henry Jackson Society was pleased to host a panel discussion on Benedict Rogers’ new book: “The China Nexus. Thirty Years In and Around the Chinese Communist Party’s Tyranny”. Benedict Rogers opened the panel by addressing the intensifying state of repression across Chinese society he has witnessed over the course of the last decade. Rogers identified the CCP’s accelerated policy of repression against the Uyghur people, Tibet, and aggressive behaviour towards Hong Kong and Taiwan as immediate threats which demand a proportional response from democratic societies. Wing Tat Lee addressed the slow encroachment of the CCP on the sovereignty of Hong Kong and the chilling effect the National Security Law has had on Hong Kong’s democracy. Rahima Mahmut spoke on the steady erosion of Uyghur autonomy over the course of the last 20 years, and the dramatic escalation of their repression in the last decade. Dean Baxendale described the covert influence of the CCP on Western Nations through the utilization of hybrid warfare. Baxendale implored western nations to accept that China has been at war with the west since 1949, and to respond to the threat accordingly. The panelists spoke in agreement that strategic ambiguity was no longer a sufficient response to the threat of China, and that strategic clarity was the only feasible way to move forward in the face of repeated aggression at home and abroad.



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Benedict Rogers, Dean Baxendale, Wing Tat Lee, Rahima Mahmut


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