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17 Jul 2015

Universities will be allowed to host extremist speakers – within limits

Originally published in The Guardian University campus meetings which give a platform to extremist speakers will only be allowed to go ahead if they are to be directly challenged by somebody with opposing views at the same event, under compromise counter-extremism proposals agreed by the government. The new redrawn statutory duty on universities to prevent … Continued

14 Jul 2015

Analysts Have Mixed Reaction to Iran Nuclear Deal

Originally published in Voice of America Iran and major world powers have reached a long-sought deal to scale back Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for relaxing the sanctions that have devastated its economy. Reactions to the deal vary wildly. Some say the agreement will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb and will reintegrate it … Continued

14 Jul 2015

‘Honour killing’ victims: First national memorial day

Originally published in BBC The first memorial day for victims of so-called honour killings is taking place on Tuesday. It would have been the 29th birthday of Shafilea Ahmed, who was killed by her parents when she was 17 after suffering years of “honour-based” violence. UK police forces recorded more than 11,000 cases of “honour” crime … Continued

14 Jul 2015

Students oppose counter-radicalism campus strategy on grounds of ‘racism’

Originally published in Breitbart News The battle to tackle radicalism on Britain’s university campuses is being severely hampered by student union leaders and academics, working in conjunction with British Muslim community leaders, a new report has found. Under the guise of protecting freedom of expression, students and academics have continued to oppose the government’s Prevent … Continued

08 Jul 2015

[French] Stuart: “Londres n’a pas laissé les terroristes l’emporter”

Originally published in La Une. Il y a dix ans, le 7 juillet 2005, à 8h50,trois kamikazes britanniques se faisaient exploser dans le métro londonien. Et une heure plus tard, à 9h47, une quatrième personne faisait de même, dans un bus cette fois. Le bilan de ce quadruple attentat, commis par quatre jeunes islamistes ayant grandi au Royaume-Uni, est terrible: … Continued

08 Jul 2015

New Development Bank launched as leaders meet for BRICS summit

Originally published in RFI Russian President Vladimir Putin is meeting world leaders today including China’s Xi Jingping and India’s Narendra Modi ahead of the start of a summit of emerging economies. Representatives of the BRICS countries — that’s Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — are in the Russian city of Ufa after signing … Continued

07 Jul 2015

Ten years later we are still losing the war on extremism

Originally published in the Daily Express Ten years ago today, 52 people were murdered on the streets of London by four Islamist extremists. Jihadis had already been operating across the planet for many years. Four years earlier, on 9/11 they had murdered nearly 3,000 people in the US. But 7/7 marked the first British Islamist … Continued

05 Jul 2015

Britain to send Special Forces to ‘seek and destroy’ ISIS terrorists in Tunisia

Originally published in the Sunday Express  Britain is to send 50 special forces trainers to help the Tunisian Government “seek and destroy” the Islamic State terrorists behind the Sousse massacre. The move comes a week after the beleaguered Tunisian Government appealed to the international community for help.  According to senior military sources, the 50-strong team will be … Continued

01 Jul 2015

100 extremists a year lecture at universities

Originally published in the Daily Mail Universities are providing a platform for more than 100 Islamist extremists every year, a disturbing report will reveal next week. The fanatics are being allowed to make speeches at leading academic institutions despite ministers calling for a crackdown on radicalism. The study says that more than 20 students who attended … Continued

28 Jun 2015

British chemist ‘groomed’ Western woman into radical Islam

Originally published in The Telegraph A British man who has been linked with a series of terrorism-related offences played a key role in converting a young Western woman to Islam and tried to persuade her to travel abroad, it has emerged. Dr Faisal Mostafa, a chemist from Stockport, Manchester, has been exposed as an online … Continued

25 Jun 2015

Stability ‘virtually impossible’ after devastating impact of ISIL

Originally published in Jewish News Online An international panel has concluded that it will be virtually impossible to restore stability in the Middle East, in the context of several failed states and the rise of terrorist groups like ISIL (Islamic State). Convening at the Jewish News’ event in London to discuss the new Middle East … Continued

23 Jun 2015

Modern Autocrats Are on the March

Originally published in the Wall Street Journal While the rise of violent Islamism has transfixed the world, another, graver threat—21st-century autocracy—is gathering strength. In the long run, it is sophisticated autocrats, not bearded zealots, who pose the greater menace to democracy. This is the message of two outstanding new essays. … In a piece for … Continued

21 Jun 2015

Islamists ‘harass’ women at Jihadi John university

Originally published in Sunday Times The Islamic Society at the university where Jihadi John was once a student engages in “hostile and intimidatory” treatment of women, an investigation has found. Westminster University — where Mohammed Emwazi, who was unmasked as the Isis killer in February, completed his degree in 2009 — risks becoming an “enclosed … Continued

18 Jun 2015

Missing Bradford sisters were on security watchlist

Originally published in The Times Anti-terrorist border security was under scrutiny last night as police disclosed that a family feared to have reached Islamic State territory had been stopped and questioned on a previous attempt to leave Britain. The Dawood sisters from Bradford and their nine children, aged three to 15, faced security checks at … Continued

15 Jun 2015

Schools watchdog with links to extremists shut down

Originally published in The Telegraph A controversial body accused of whitewashing hardline Muslim schools is to be closed down in the latest blow for Islamist extremism in Britain. The Bridge Schools Inspectorate, which in 2008 took over responsibility from Ofsted for inspecting many private Muslim schools, will cease operations in October after coming under strong … Continued

11 Jun 2015

Anderson report: Let Britain’s spy agencies collect bulk surveillance data

Originally published in The Telegraph David Anderson, a QC and Visiting Professor at King’s College London, gives his take on whether Britain’s security services have enough powers to adequately track suspected terrorists online. … Robin Simcox, a fellow at the Henry Jackson Society: “David Anderson’s report is a thoughtful, balanced contribution to the surveillance debate which … Continued

11 Jun 2015

Ukip under fire after blocking scrutiny of party donations

Originally published in The Telegraph The UK Independence Party faces criticism after attempting to block scrutiny of party donations, as part of a drive to halt Russian influence in Europe. Nigel Farage and his MEPs voted today against measures calling for greater transparency of donations from outside the EU to political parties. … Andrew Foxall, a … Continued

28 May 2015

Britain Makes Controversial Move to Crack Down on Extremism

Originally published in Voice of America Britain is moving to tighten controls on extremist rhetoric, even when it does not incite violence or hatred – a move that some are concerned might unduly restrict basic freedoms. It is an issue many countries are grappling with as extremist groups gain power in the Middle East, fueled … Continued

28 May 2015

Whistleblower reignites UK’s nuclear-deterrent debate

Originally published in Al Jazeera To many, the common sight of one of Britain’s nuclear submarines cutting through the waters of the River Clyde in Scotland is a symbol of national prestige, power, and defence. To others, it is nothing more than an economic obscenity and a threat to global stability. The UK’s nuclear deterrent … Continued

27 May 2015

Ramadi operation against ISIL could turn the tide

Originally published in WTOP The Iraqi military was badly embarrassed after its forces, which “vastly outnumbered” ISIL fighters retreated, giving up Ramadi. Anxious to even the score, the military has launched a campaign to get it back. … “It’s potentially huge,” said Robin Simcox, research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, a London-based think tank. … Continued


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