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21 Aug 2016

How has al-Muhajiroun hidden in plain sight?

Anjem Choudary and his mentor in al-Muhajiroun, Omar Bakri Muhammad, had a standard joke to disarm journalists, interchangeably deployed between the two of them. Even in the group’s ideal, polygamous sharia Britain, Choudary would confide with a smile, he would “only have one wife. Nobody else would marry me because of the bad publicity.” “It … Continued

18 Aug 2016

The Right to Dissent

It would be a fair assessment to conclude that many people consider some statements not what they would like to hear — whether by Salman Rushdie, Geert Wilders, Ingrid Carlqvist, Douglas Murray, Lars Hedegaard, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Theo van Gogh, the Mohammad cartoonists, Stéphane Charbonnier and other editors at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, among others. … Continued

17 Aug 2016

Vile hate preacher Anjem Choudary faces 10 years JAIL for ISIS rants

The infamous 49-year-old Muslim encouraged backing for the terrorist group in a series of vile talks posted on YouTube and shared around his jihadi followers. Police pounced on the unhinged preacher after he put his name to an online video pledging allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and lauding the creation of a so-called … Continued

17 Aug 2016

Why did this hate preacher escape jail for so long? asks Leo McKinstry

For decades radical preacher Anjem Choudary escaped justice. Unchallenged by the feeble British state this dangerous fanatic was able to carry on spreading his gospel of hate and barbarity. At last he has been made to pay for his crimes. This week brought the welcome news of Choudary’s conviction on terrorism charges after a protracted … Continued

16 Aug 2016

Revealed: how Anjem Choudary influenced at least 100 British jihadis

Anjem Choudary and his extremist groups are believed to have motivated at least 100 people from Britain to pursue terrorism, including organisations committed to campaigns of murder against the west, the Guardian has learned. Choudary avoided serious criminal charges for years, but his own conviction for terrorism, agreed unanimously by an Old Bailey jury in … Continued

16 Aug 2016

Now Choudary’s burka-clad wife is probed by the police: Officers investigate after she was caught on camera leading a group of women who support ISIS

The wife of Anjem Choudary is being investigated by police after being caught on camera leading a secretive group of women supporting Islamic State. Rubana Akhtar, 42, who is the leader of the female wing of Choudary’s banned terror group, Al-Muhajiroun, is likely to be quizzed by Scotland Yard over the clandestine meetings. … Hannah … Continued

16 Aug 2016

Sweden: The Silence of the Jews

“There isn’t much of a desire to do anything about it [the problem of antisemitism]. It should also be said that the so-called interfaith outreach work… achieves almost nothing. A couple of old bearded men get together and agree on some dietary thing they’ve got in common, but it doesn’t solve the fact that anti-Semitism … Continued

13 Aug 2016

Matt Johnson: U.S. wasted countless opportunities in Syria

A week ago, Syrian rebels seized a major military installation in Aleppo and ended a month-long siege of the city. Afterward, citizens of east Aleppo rushed into the streets to celebrate, rebels captured a large stockpile of weapons and equipment stored at the academy, and supply convoys resumed their deliveries. Before Bashar al-Assad’s forces were … Continued

09 Aug 2016

Assad sends in more fighters to crush Aleppo rebels

BEIRUT: The Syrian regime has sent thousands of reinforcements to Aleppo, after suffering one of its most significant setbacks in the five-year war. Rebel forces made a breakthrough at the weekend, relieving the siege on the east of the city, where up to 300,000 residents were at risk of starvation. … “The world abandoned Aleppo; … Continued

08 Aug 2016

What’s the future of the Kurds in Aleppo?

Following the closure of the remaining entry point that Syrian militant and rebel groups had into Aleppo’s east last month it seemed the regime might prevail in that key city. … Kyle Orton, a Middle East analyst and research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, also thinks that Assad is the lesser of two evils … Continued

07 Aug 2016

Rebel coalition breaks siege of Aleppo

After months of being pummeled from the air and by Syrian artillery, an Islamist-led rebel coalition has made a dramatic breakthrough in relieving the siege of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city. Their assault — the first test for a new group born out of al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate — appears to have taken the exhausted Syrian … Continued

06 Aug 2016

A Well-Timed Omission

Daughter of a Bengali bookkeeper and growing up in Harrow, Shami Chakrabarti, 47, has come a long way as a human rights campaigner. She was once referred to as “probably the most effective public affairs lobbyist of the past 20 years”. … Amidst calls for her resignation, Chakrabarti was accused of hypocrisy by the Student … Continued

06 Aug 2016

Syria’s rebels unite to break Assad’s siege of Aleppo

A Syrian military academy in the heart of Aleppo made for a bold, even reckless target for opposition forces trying to break a devastating siege, but the rebels gambled on a double advantage: surprise and suicide bombers. Soon the rebels were sharing pictures of abandoned artillery and a smashed portrait of President Bashar al-Assad on … Continued

05 Aug 2016

UK Jews slam peerage for author of probe that played down Labour anti-Semitism

British Jewry’s representative body has castigated the decision by UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to recommend a peerage for the author of a controversial party report into anti-Semitism, calling it “beyond disappointing,” and warning it raises questions about the impartiality of the investigation. … Chakrabarti told her J-TV interviewer, historian Dr. Alan Mendoza, that she … Continued

03 Aug 2016

Isis calls for attacks on Christians

Isis (Islamic State) has ordered its supporters in the West to carry out more attacks on Christians, in the latest issue of its monthly online magazine, Dabiq. Entitled “Break the cross”, the entire edition of Dabiq focuses solely on inciting attacks on supposed “crusaders”. … Experts say this means there are no genuine “lone-wolf” jihadists. … Continued

02 Aug 2016

IS urges its followers to target Christians

Islamic State is circulating new propaganda online, calling upon its followers to specifically “attack without delay” Christians. Referring to Christians as pagans and Crusaders, material in its magazine, Dabiq, also urges them to “break their crosses” and “abandon their infidelity.” … Middle East analyst at the Henry Jackson Society, Kyle Orton, told Premier’s New Hour … Continued

01 Aug 2016

Why do Europeans join ISIS?

Why do Europeans join ISIS or ISIL? That’s a question that keeps coming up and bewilders governments, intelligence agencies, and counter-terrorism experts alike. One of the most common theories out there suggests that Muslim immigrants in Europe often face discrimination when they are trying to find jobs. These immigrants, mostly of the North African descent, … Continued

01 Aug 2016

Police hail public’s help in fighting terrorism

The public make more than 3,600 contributions to the fight against terror every day, Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism police officer says. Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said co-operation between police and the public was the “greatest advantage”. … Dr Alan Mendoza, the founder of the Henry Jackson Society – a think tank which aims to combat … Continued


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