Author: Dr Stepan Stepanenko

23 Sep 2022

Is this the End-Game for Putin?

Fighting with an expeditionary force, the Russian colonial war against Ukraine, itself engaged in an existential total-war, was never going to be victorious. Putin, having finally realised the calamitous situation in which he finds himself, has gone all in. Ordering a mobilisation and threatened that nuclear strikes are “no bluff”, the Russian president is set … Continued

07 Sep 2022

Welcoming Alexander Downer to the HJS

The Henry Jackson Society was delighted to start the week by welcoming Alexander Downer, former leader of the Liberal Party of Australia, the longest serving Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1996 – 2007, and High Commissioner to the United Kingdom from 2014 to 2018. Mr Downer discussed his report, commissioned by the then Home Secretary, … Continued


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