Author: Robin Simcox

19 Nov 2015

France’s perpetual battle against terrorism

Originally published in Foreign Affairs Last Friday night’s simultaneous terror attacks on Paris served as a stark reminder of the threat the self-proclaimed Islamic State (also known as ISIS) poses to the West. At present, 132 are confirmed to be dead, andISIS has warned that France was “just the beginning of the storm.” Ominous as … Continued

30 Sep 2015

New terror plot linked to ISIS found every 14 days, report claims

Originally published by The Mirror An alleged terror plot linked to Islamic State is identified in the West every fortnight, a report suggests. Between July last year and August this year, 32 suspected plans were detected in 10 countries, according to research by think-tank the Henry Jackson Society. They involved 58 individuals of 14 nationalities, … Continued

30 Sep 2015

Terror plot linked to ISIS ‘is identified every fortnight’: At least 32 attacks in ten Western countries have been thwarted since July last year, report finds

Originally published by The Daily Mail A terror plot linked to Islamic State is identified in the West every fortnight, a major report has revealed. At least 32 attacks inspired by the Islamist group were either carried out or thwarted since July last year, according to new research. The plots were detected in 10 countries, including three … Continued

25 Sep 2015

Anti-terror expert warns ‘reckless’ intelligence leaks by Edward Snowden ‘have helped terrorists, child abusers and people-smugglers conceal their crimes’

Originally published in the Daily Mail US traitor Edward Snowden’s ‘reckless’ intelligence leaks have helped terrorists, child abusers and people-smugglers conceal their ‘vile’ crimes, an expert warned last night Lord Carlile, the Government’s former independent reviewer of anti-terrorism legislation, said it had become much easier for them to avoid detection because the fugitive had exposed … Continued

18 Sep 2015

Is New Electronic Surveillance Legislation Justified?

Robin Simcox, a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, says Yes The threat posed by terrorism has arguably never been higher. Yet in recent years, UK intelligence agencies have been increasingly unable to access the data needed to protect national security. These problems have been exacerbated by the Snowden leaks, which led to networks … Continued

28 Aug 2015

Foreign Office Unveil Latest Weapon Against ISIL – A Twitter Account

Originally published in SunNation The Foreign Office have unveiled their latest weapon in the war against Islamic State –  a Twitter account.  Whitehall spinners promise that “@UKAgainstISIL” will give regular “updates on the UK Government’s ongoing work” to defeat the jihadi baddies, but the account has only tweeted four times in 48 hours. … Robin Simcox … Continued

28 Aug 2015

ISIL’s top cyber operative killed in drone strike

Originally published in WTOP The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has allegedly lost another important operative, but this one may have held the key to ISIL’s future. In addition to ISIL leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s plans for a global caliphate, Junaid Hussain, also known as Abu Hussain al-Britani, was working on a … Continued

18 Aug 2015

Terrorists may be within reach of dirty bomb

Originally published in WTOP In the shadows of the fighting between Ukrainian military forces and Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine, potentially deadly radiological material has allegedly been removed from an underground bunker. Ukrainian security service documents surfaced in early August suggesting the rebels and Russian scientists were working on a radiological dispersal device (RDD) –better … Continued

24 Jul 2015

Al Qaeda Is Not Our Ally!

Originally published in The Daily Beast A new argument among jihad analysts has it that the makers of 9/11 are now a handy bulwark against ISIS. Um, no. Enemies becoming friends is seemingly all the rage these days. First Cuba. ThenIran. Now, there are those arguing that al Qaeda must also be brought into the … Continued

07 Jul 2015

Ten years later we are still losing the war on extremism

Originally published in the Daily Express Ten years ago today, 52 people were murdered on the streets of London by four Islamist extremists. Jihadis had already been operating across the planet for many years. Four years earlier, on 9/11 they had murdered nearly 3,000 people in the US. But 7/7 marked the first British Islamist … Continued

05 Jul 2015

Britain to send Special Forces to ‘seek and destroy’ ISIS terrorists in Tunisia

Originally published in the Sunday Express  Britain is to send 50 special forces trainers to help the Tunisian Government “seek and destroy” the Islamic State terrorists behind the Sousse massacre. The move comes a week after the beleaguered Tunisian Government appealed to the international community for help.  According to senior military sources, the 50-strong team will be … Continued


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