Author: Ola Cichowlas

02 Jun 2014

Sikorski Is No Savior

Originally published in Foreign Policy ‘The Polish success story has become something of a fantasy among Western European liberals who are now arguing that Poland can be a catalyst for reform in Eastern Europe and that the happy outcome of the Polish transition can serve as a reminder to the Euroskeptics in London, Paris, and Berlin … Continued

20 May 2014

Vladimir the Great: The birth of the Putin dictatorship

Originally published in Politico Magazine ‘It was not supposed to happen this way. At the end of 1991, Russia was supposed to have thrown off its totalitarian imperialist cloak and joined the happy parade of former communist countries that were embracing democratic capitalism. Its neighbors were hoping to put the past behind them and feel … Continued

05 May 2014

How Putin Manipulates Russians Using Revisionist History

Originally published in Forbes “Vladimir Putin has already redrawn the map of Europe. After the annexation of Crimea, no country sharing a border with Russia can feel entirely secure. In expanding territorially, the Kremlin believes it is rectifying past mistakes. With Putin having appointed himself as the Kremlin’s state historian, Russian revisionism is now a … Continued


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