Author: Megan Prangley

30 Nov 2022

Let me introduce you to the host of the World Cup… the Chinese Communist Party

Western governments diplomatically boycotted the spotlight of the corrupt Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by refusing to send representation to Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics. With the dawn of Qatar’s FIFA World Cup, boycott-like behaviours boomerang as not only the West but persecuted countries themselves are standing against their twisted governments back home. At the England-Iran football … Continued

19 Oct 2022

The Chinese Communist’s corrupt Congress

Although Chinese President Xi Jinping warned millions of the “dangerous storms” facing China at the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) 20th National Congress, the most threatening turmoil lies within its borders. The CCP has shifted its emphasis from “reform” to “security” following Xi’s perceived threats from the outside world. Xi hailed the CCP victorious Hong Kong, … Continued


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