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03 Mar 2008

Oh Fidel, We Knew Ye Too Well

Executive Summary:   1.     The transition from Fidel to Raul Castro is unlikely to bring any discernible benefit to the impoverished people of Cuba, with totalitarian rule remaining in place. 2.     Support for the Fidel Castro regime by sections of Westminster is difficult to comprehend, and extremely regrettable. 3.     It should not be forgotten that Fidel Castro has presided over a … Continued

26 Feb 2008

HJS Event: On Counterinsurgency: How to triumph in the age of asymmetric warfare

By kind invitation of Bob Laxton MP, the Henry Jackson Society and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy London were delighted to welcome Prof. Martin van Creveld, world renowned military historian and strategist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who provided an analysis of how we can triumph in the age of asymmetric warfare. Professor Martin van Creveld is one of the world’s most … Continued

19 Feb 2008

Why Kosovo Matters

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  1.     The long and drawn out saga of the independence of Kosovo symbolises many of the challenges that Europe faces today, demonstrating the need to combine the carrot of EU membership/relationships in the European neighbourhood with the stick of a more robust European defence. 2.     US and NATO assets were key to the … Continued

06 Feb 2008

Winning the Battle of Ideas Against Radical Islamism and Terror

Held in conjunction with the Euston Manifesto, “Winning the Battle of Ideas Against Radical Islamism and Terror” explored the nature of Radical Islamism, its connections with terror and what an appropriate progressive response should be both in the UK and abroad. Panellists: Ed Husain – Self-described former ‘extremist’ and author of ‘The Islamist’ (detailing his experience of Radical Islam as … Continued

05 Feb 2008

The City on the Hill Shines

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: 1.     Judging by the statements of candidates in the U.S. presidential primaries, the sentiment of American exceptionalism is as vibrant as ever.  But, America’s confusing and seemingly arbitrary primary process is also exceptional – the source of consternation around the world, especially among those who view themselves as targets of U.S. democracy promotion, … Continued

02 Jan 2008

A dark day for democracy

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: 1.     Today’s decision by Pakistan’s Electoral Commission to postpone the parliamentary elections due for 8 January until 18 February merely adds to the sense of crisis caused by the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. 2.     The decision has more to do with desperate attempts by President Musharraf to avoid impending defeat in the elections than … Continued

05 Dec 2007

How to Combat the Threat of Bioviolence

By kind invitation of Dr Julian Lewis MP, the Henry Jackson Society was delighted to welcome Prof. Barry Kellman,  Director of the International Weapons Control Center, DePaul University College of Law, USA to answer questions and put forward solutions to help make the UK safer  from the threat of biological terror and crime. Bioviolence – the  … Continued

01 Feb 2007

On Britain’s security needs

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: •    The Prime Minister’s argument that more money needs to be allocated to British defence needs is absolutely right. •    The government must continue to raise defence spending, and ensure the nation’s military capabilties are capable of warfighting as well as peacekeeping. This means Britain must maintain and enhance its expeditionary warfare capabilities … Continued

11 Aug 2006

The averted terror plot: this is vindication

The latest alleged terror plot is no reason to change Anglo-American Middle East policy. If anything, it confirms its validity. No sooner do British security forces avert yet another attempted radical Islamist terror plot than a slew of siren voices emerge to urge a change in the foreign policy that they allege is responsible for … Continued

26 Jul 2006

Israel and Hezbollah: Back to where we started?

At first sight, we seem to back where we started. In 1978 Israel launched its first major ground operation into southern Lebanon, followed by a full-scale invasion in 1982. This was intended to dislodge Palestinian guerrillas, who had moved there after being ejected from Jordan in 1970 and were using southern Lebanon as a base … Continued

26 Jan 2006

Liberty versus Security: The Oldest Dilemma

The whole point of a values-based foreign policy is that the means by which it is pursued are given equal importance to the ends to which it is aimed. The logic of ‘democratic transformation’ therefore applies as strongly to our handling of domestic security issues as our conduct of foreign affairs. Since the inception of … Continued


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