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14 May 2013

‘Warrior Geeks: How 21st Century Technology is Changing the Way We Fight and Think About War’

SPEAKER: Christopher Coker, Professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics TIME: 1 – 2pm, Tuesday 14th May 2013 VENUE: Committee Room 12, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA To attend please RSVP to: Russell Brown MP Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. It is one o’clock. I noticed that the House of Lords clock turned to … Continued

01 May 2013

‘The Signal and the Noise: The Art and Science of Prediction’

SPEAKER: Nate Silver, Statistician and Political Forecaster TIME: 1 – 2pm, Wednesday 1st May 2013 VENUE: Committee Room 9, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA Transcript Davis Lewin Okay, ladies and gentlemen. I am Davis Lewin, the Political Director of the Henry Jackson Society. I want to start by apologising on behalf of our host Bob Blackman … Continued

08 Apr 2013

Unacceptable Proliferation: Meaning What We Say When it Comes to Iran

Words matter.  Nowhere more so than in our diplomatic sparring across the globe, when they’re often all we’ve got.  An overused trope can transform an intended ultimatum into toothless farce. Perhaps that’s why official warnings toward Iran have started to conjure for me Wallace Shawn’s Vizzini in The Princess Bride.  Anyone who came of age … Continued

18 Mar 2013

Don’t Underestimate the al Qaeda Threat

There has been so much written about al Qaeda  that yet another article is bound to generate a collective yawn. “The base” has become synonymous with terrorism in general, much to the detriment of counter-terrorism efforts. It has become a catch-all term that fails to capture the shift created by this new form of terrorism.

18 Mar 2013

Al Qaeda Threat to U.S. Not Diminished, Data Indicates

Downplaying the terrorist threat posed by al Qaeda and its affiliates also has significant political implications due in part to the more than $70 billion that is spent annually on America’s domestic counter-terrorism programs (with larger amounts expended for overseas operations), all of which need to be continuously justified as cost effective by Administration planners and Congressional … Continued

18 Mar 2013

Partisanship too Far? Republicans Shouldn’t Stand With Rand

The Rand Paul episode tells us nothing about the Obama administration’s intentions. The episode in no way helped resolve the very difficult problems raised by the involvement of U.S. citizens in al Qaeda terrorism. As the Henry Jackson Society has detailed, the majority of the 170 persons convicted by U.S. courts or commission for actions in support … Continued

18 Mar 2013

They hate us so much, they live here!

“The picture of New York you get is that you’ve got people targeting it, you’ve got [terrorists] living there and you’ve had it in the past used as a recruitment center, then you have a pretty big problem,” said Robin Simcox, a researcher at the London-based Henry Jackson Society.

11 Mar 2013

The DC Morning: No, poverty doesn’t spur terrorism

It has already been thoroughly demonstrated both empirically and anecdotally, but yet another study of Islamist terrorists — this time of al-Qaida and al-Qaida inspired terrorists who were convicted in U.S. courts or committed a suicide attack on the U.S. homeland between 1997 to 2011 — shows that the average terrorist isn’t some poor, uneducated sap.

11 Mar 2013

WILLIAMS: The home-grown terrorist next door

Reports are released every day in Washington, but one that could prove to be of life-or-death importance was unveiled last week by the Henry Jackson Society, a bipartisan think tank with headquarters in London. “Al-Qaeda in the United States: A Complete Analysis of Terrorism Offenses” holds up a mirror to America and provides us with a clear … Continued

06 Mar 2013

The Threat Goes On

As Al Qaeda’s magazine instructed its minions in the West to torch parked cars, cause road accidents and otherwise target perceived enemies of Islam, a landmark study revealed who might answer the call.

29 Jan 2013

HJS Trustee Lord Trimble calls for ban on Hezbollah

The Times, January 29th 2013 Officially blacklisting the group will diminish its ability to serve its sinister Iranian masters. Jihadi terrorism is still alive and, as events in Mali and Algeria show us, poses a direct threat to us. The turmoil in North Africa reminds us that jihadism has no boundaries and that when confronting terrorism it … Continued

16 Jan 2013

‘African Futures: Forecasting Security and Development Trends’

SPEAKER: Dr. Jakkie Cilliers, Executive Director, Institute for Security Studies TIME: 6 – 7pm, Wednesday 16th January 2013 VENUE: Committee Room 19, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA For a summary of the event, click here. Across the continent of Africa, security and development are key issues in the process of democratisation. There have been over 35 … Continued

05 Nov 2012

How to enter the HJI-Reed £10,000 Youth Unemployment Prize

Youth unemployment remains stubbornly high in Britain, at around the one-in-five mark, despite overall job numbers rising in recent months. Globally, an estimated 75m under-25s are looking for work, with Greece and Spain suffering high levels of youth joblessness at above 50pc. That is why the Telegraph Media Group has teamed up with the Henry … Continued

03 Sep 2012

Relying on reservists will hobble the UK Military

The premise of the cuts to UK defence spending is that the reduction in troop numbers from 102,000 to 82,000 will be mitigated by better integration of reserve soldiers and increased use of contractors. Secretary of Defence Philip Hammond recently claimed that “the reserve will be a vital, integrated component of the army”. Yet, the experience of … Continued

24 Jul 2012

Salimiyeh proves that Assad is no “protector of minorities”

The narrative of a sectarian-based Syrian uprising has become widespread and popular in mainstream circles. While this may seem superficially true in light of the largely Alawite backing of the Assad regime as well as the mostly Sunni makeup of the opposition, a nuanced look at the internal dynamics of the Syrian conflict clearly indicates … Continued

13 Jul 2012

Russia’s support for Assad will backfire

Russia’s Support for Assad Will Backfire By INNA LAZAREVA The common explanation for why Moscow continues to back the Assad regime is that it is acting to protect its security and economic interests. While President Vladimir Putin may well believe this to be the case, his government’s continued support for Bashar Assad represents at best … Continued


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