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21 Nov 2016

Britain Must Invest in Naval Defences as Part of New Global Role

The Defence Select Committee has just released a report which warns that the UK is “woefully low” on warships. As Britain seeks a new role in the world it is imperative that naval capability is maintained. Members of Parliament have said that they have serious concerns about the funding and timetable to replace the fleet. … Continued

20 Nov 2016

When Marine Le Pen loses, it will not be because she’s too right wing

Originally published in The Times. Surely after Brexit and Trump, President Marine Le Pen and “Frexit” will follow. That’s been the prevailing presumption of international punditry in recent weeks. And while the narrative arc may seem persuasive, what’s missing is the facts. … Read the full article, here.

17 Nov 2016

Analysis: ‘Clinton’s weakness as a candidate made Trump’s win possible’

by Timothy Stafford In Clinton, the Democrats nominated an establishment insider in an anti-establishment age, who provoked more hatred amongst Republicans than any other politician in the country. International reactions to Donald Trump’s election victory have been defined by two soul-searching questions. Firstly, how could a man with no prior experience of public office, whose … Continued

16 Nov 2016

Event Summary: ‘The New Politics of Russia: Interpreting Change’

On Monday 14th November, the Henry Jackson Society welcomed Dr Andrew Monaghan to discuss his book The New Politics of Russia: Interpreting Change. The talk focused on the West’s continual failures in their dealings with Russia and what they should do to tackle the reasons underpinning those failures. Opening his talk, Dr Monaghan argued that, … Continued

15 Nov 2016

Am I the victim of a homophobic SNP hate crime?

Originally posted by The Spectator My editor has received a letter of complaint. The SNP MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh writes: Dear Fraser, I read Douglas Murray’s blog on Friday “Where’s the proof that Donald Trump is homophobic?” with great interest. It’s fantastic to see the Spectator embracing the zeitgeist and embracing “post-truth” politics in its own … Continued

15 Nov 2016

The surprising similarities of Trump and Obama on foreign policy

Originally posted by the Christian Science Monitor: Barack Obama undertakes his last overseas trip as president this week with an adjusted mission in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory: to reassure allies and partners about continuing support for them and America’s unwavering global leadership. … “The most meaningful message Europe can send Trump is a … Continued

14 Nov 2016

Event: ‘The New Politics of Russia: Interpreting Change’

TIME: 12:30-13:30, Monday 14th November 2016 VENUE: The Henry Jackson Society, 26th Floor, Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, SW1P 4QP SPEAKER: Dr Andrew Monaghan, Author, The New Politics of Russia: Interpreting Change, Senior Research Fellow in the Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House For a summary of this event click here For a full transcript of this event … Continued

14 Nov 2016

EU Foreign Ministers Urged to Show Mature Attitude to US Changes

Leading transatlantic thinktank calls for 2% defence budget commitment ‎to safeguard European-US relationship Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States, and EU leaders need to adjust to this reality. In particular they must ensure that America remains bound into the institutions which protect Western security. For the United States to withdraw from … Continued

12 Nov 2016

Leading Islamic charity told by watchdog to distance itself from extremism

Originally posted in the Sunday Telegraph: A leading Islamic charity which penned an open letter criticising The Sunday Telegraph’s reports about its extreme speakers and filed numerous complaints to the press regulator has been warned by the Charities Commission it must distance itself from individuals who condone “violent extremism and acts of terrorism”. … Rupert … Continued

11 Nov 2016

Where’s the proof that Donald Trump is homophobic?

Did anybody see Question Time last night? The panel largely seemed to be competing to out-outrage each other about Donald Trump. And in their great Trump-off most of the guests continued to do that sawn-off shotgun ‘phobes’ thing. Trump as a ‘misogynist, homophobic, racist, Islamophobe’ etc. … Read the full article, here.

10 Nov 2016

Western Leaders Should Allow Trump the Chance to Govern

A failure by some Western leaders, notably Chancellor Merkel, to welcome the new President appropriately risks driving him into the arms of those like Vladimir Putin whose interests are antithetical to our own. They should learn from the example of Hillary Clinton in putting the needs of our nations first. After Donald Trump’s victory Angela … Continued

09 Nov 2016

Trump Victory Represents Opportunity not Crisis for UK Foreign Policy and Should be Seen as Repudiation of Obama’s Weakness

While Donald Trump’s Presidency will undoubtedly have many far reaching geopolitical consequences, the actual nature of his foreign policy remains undefined. There is therefore a window of opportunity for the UK to influence US objectives over the coming years, after a period of considerable weakness under Barack Obama. Transatlantic international think-tank, The Henry Jackson Society, … Continued

09 Nov 2016

Donald Trump won’t be as bad as you think

Originally posted in The Spectator For 18 months, Donald Trump was amazingly useful to British politicians. Whatever their party, he provided them with the most magnificent means with which to polish their liberal credentials. … Read the full article, here.

08 Nov 2016

Event Summary: ‘The Power and Politics of Flags’

By Alexis David On Thursday 13th October, the Henry Jackson Society welcomed Tim Marshall, former diplomatic editor at Sky News, to discuss his book Worth Dying For: Power and Politics of Flags. The talk initially tackled the history of flags; Mr Marshall explained that flags are perhaps as old as we are, yet flags as … Continued

08 Nov 2016

Event Summary: ‘How Nonviolent Revolution Work’

By: Alexis David On Wednesday 5th October, the Henry Jackson Society welcomed Srdja Popovic, Co-Founder of the Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) & Leader of the Anti-Milosevic Demonstrations in Serbia, to discuss the mechanics of protest movements, and the impacts of unity, planning and discipline in enabling their success against autocratic forces. … Continued

08 Nov 2016

Event Summary: ‘Promoting Human Rights, Civil Society and Democracy in Russia’

On Thursday 6th October, Henry Jackson Society welcomed five leading Russian civil rights activists; Dmitri Bartenev, Natalia Taubina, Valentina Cherevatenko, Robert Latypov and Grigory Melkonyants to discuss the challenges of speaking out against human rights abuses and promoting democracy in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Dr Andrew Foxall – Director of Russia Studies Centre – opened the … Continued

07 Nov 2016

Foreign Affairs Committee Whitewashes Muslim Brotherhood’s Activities

The Government’s review into the Muslim Brotherhood found that the group has “openly incubated and sustained an organisation – Hamas – whose military wing has been proscribed in the UK” and defended Hamas attacks in Israel. It is shocking to see the Foreign Affairs Committee undermine this assessment and position the Muslim Brotherhood as a … Continued

07 Nov 2016

Event Summary: ‘The World’s Dictatorship Crisis Thor Halvorssen, President and CEO, Human Rights Foundation’

On Wednesday 3rd October, the Henry Jackson Society welcomed Thor Halvorssen to discuss the effects of dictatorships on the world and his work combatting them with the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). In his opening remarks, Halvorssen argued that the largest contributor to global strife and instability is dictatorship. He noted that 37 percent of the … Continued

03 Nov 2016

MI5 ‘failure’ to spot the resurgence of Russia

Originally posted by The Times. Sir, MI5 is indeed scrambling to catch up with the threat from Russia. But blame for our woeful lack of preparedness lies not with the men and women who work at Thames House but with their political masters (“MI5 has been caught on the back foot once again”, Thunderer, Nov 2). … Continued

02 Nov 2016

The Real Battle for Mosul is now Imminent

Iraqi special forces have broken the front line in Mosul, but the battle’s next phase will be the most dangerous; Islamic State will have heavily fortified the main city, and the risk of the Coalition fracturing along sectarian lines will continue to grow. These latest advances are welcome, but the real test of the coalition … Continued


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