Author: Alan Mendoza

14 Dec 2016

Likud MK: Netanyahu’s heart isn’t in two-state solution

A parliamentarian in Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party has said that Likud shares a one-state vision where Palestinians live under a Jewish state, and that Netanyahu only talks about two states because he feels obliged to. …   Challenging Zohar’s idea that Palestinians should live in a Greater Israel, provided they recognise it as Jewish, … Continued

02 Sep 2015


Originally published in SunNation Jeremy Corbyn has let slip he could drastically slash the Army, Navy and RAF as he sees no need for Britain to fight wars around the world. The 66-year-old veteran peacenik faced a furious backlash from colleagues after questioning why the UK “a country of 65 million people on the north … Continued

30 Aug 2015

Labour leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn said the assassination of 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden was a ‘tragedy’

Originally published in the Daily Mail  Jeremy Corbyn described the assassination of Osama bin Laden as a ‘tragedy upon a tragedy’ that would make the world a more dangerous place. In TV footage which emerged online for the first time last week, the Labour leadership frontrunner criticised the killing of the world’s most wanted terrorist … Continued

09 Jul 2015

The New Special Relationship: The British Conservative Party and Israel

Originally published in Fathom In recent years, a once ambivalent relationship between the world’s oldest political party and one of its younger countries has been comprehensively transformed. Once suspicion, mistrust and the occasional dose of establishment Arabism and anti-Semitism were the norm when considering British Conservative Party attitudes to the State of Israel. Today, such … Continued

25 Jun 2015

Stability ‘virtually impossible’ after devastating impact of ISIL

Originally published in Jewish News Online An international panel has concluded that it will be virtually impossible to restore stability in the Middle East, in the context of several failed states and the rise of terrorist groups like ISIL (Islamic State). Convening at the Jewish News’ event in London to discuss the new Middle East … Continued

28 May 2015

Whistleblower reignites UK’s nuclear-deterrent debate

Originally published in Al Jazeera To many, the common sight of one of Britain’s nuclear submarines cutting through the waters of the River Clyde in Scotland is a symbol of national prestige, power, and defence. To others, it is nothing more than an economic obscenity and a threat to global stability. The UK’s nuclear deterrent … Continued

04 Sep 2014

The best weapon against hate? Reasoned debate

Originally published in the Jewish Chronicle ‘Merely uttering the phrase “think tank” makes many people’s eyes glaze over, prompting thoughts of policy wonks churning out weighty tomes on tackling global warming or handling inflation. But when the organisation in question is dedicated to highlighting Israel’s fight against delegitimisation, the spread of militant Islam and investigating … Continued

28 Aug 2014

David Cameron warns Vladimir Putin as 1,000 Russian troops pour into Ukraine

Originally published in the Daily Express A furious Mr Cameron warned Moscow of “further consequences” if it continued the “unacceptable and illegal” march onto its neighbour’s territory. The Prime Minister reacted after two columns of Russian tanks rolled onto Ukrainian soil after using grad missiles to blast their way through a border post… Influential British … Continued

26 Aug 2014

Is US more resistant to radicalisation than UK?

Originally published in Channel 4 News ‘The murder of American journalist James Foley at the hands of what appears to be a British-born extremist in Syria has heightened tensions on both sides of the Atlantic. FBI officers have arrived in Birmingham to assist police with inquiries, while the British ambassador to the US Sir Peter … Continued


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