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01 Mar 2012

Roger Scruton Audio

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01 Mar 2012

‘Green Philosophy’

Although growing concerns over climate change have led to the adoption of environmental policies on all sides of the political divide, it would be fair to say that some conservatives remain more sceptical about the ‘environmental agenda’, in part because of its broader political associations as having sprung from the political Left. In his new … Continued

28 Feb 2012

A Keynote Address by the Chief of the Air Staff

This meeting with Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton offered a unique opportunity to examine the role of the Royal Air Force in the 21st Century, an age of austerity when European governments are grappling with large budget deficits and seeking to reduce defence spending.  After Britain’s role in Libya, and with aerospace companies looking … Continued

23 Feb 2012

‘The Middle East in Transition: A Chilling Spring’

By kind invitation of Louise Ellman MP, The Henry Jackson Society was pleased to host a discussion with Dr Dan Schueftan, Director of the National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa and former advisor to Israel’s National Security Council. Dr Schueftan’s experience of working with the Israeli government and his expertise on the Middle East as an academic and … Continued

16 Feb 2012

Sky News: Dr. Alan Mendoza on Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

Henry Jackson Society Executive Director Dr. Alan Mendoza appeared on Jeff Randall Live yesterday evening to give HJS’s take on Iran’s announcement that it has begun to fuel its research reactor with domestically enriched uranium. For more HJS media appearances, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

14 Feb 2012

Robin Simcox discusses Abu Qatada on Radio 5 Live

Henry Jackson Society Research Fellow Robin Simcox appears on BBC Radio 5 Live to discuss the UK’s options in dealing with radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada. [audio:|titles=Robin Simcox on BBC Radio 5 Live]

09 Feb 2012

‘Iran, Europe & the Bomb’

By kind invitation of Bob Blackman MP, the Henry Jackson Society was pleased to host a discussion with Simon Henderson, Author and Baker Fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. His visit to London comes at a time of heightened tension in the Near East, with increased European and U.S. sanctions against Iran, an escalation of actions designed … Continued

07 Feb 2012

Radio 4 PM: Robin Simcox on Abu Qatada

Henry Jackson Society Research Fellow Robin Simcox appears on Radio 4’s PM to discuss the news that radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada cannot be deported to Jordan. [audio:|titles=Robin Simcox on Radio 4’s PM]

07 Feb 2012

International Security and the US 2012 Presidential Election

By kind invitation of Mike Freer MP, The Henry Jackson Society was pleased to host a meeting with David Frum, Contributing Editor at Newsweek, Author and Former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush. With Mitt Romney recently on the ropes after some fierce attacks by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, solid predictions as to who might take the GOP fight … Continued

06 Feb 2012

Abu Qatada: Radical Muslim Cleric Could Walk Free

A radical Muslim cleric accused of posing a grave threat to Britain’s national security should be released regardless of the risk he poses, his lawyers insist. Abu Qatada, who is being held in high security conditions, wants to be released on bail as he fights deportation to Jordan. But lawyers for home secretary Theresa May … Continued

06 Feb 2012

Abu Qatada in court seeking bail

A radical Muslim cleric described as a grave threat to Britain’s national security could walk free on Monday. Abu Qatada, who is being held at Long Lartin high-security prison in Worcestershire, will apply to be released on bail as he fights deportation to Jordan. Lawyers for the home secretary, Theresa May, are expected to oppose bail … Continued

02 Feb 2012

APPG on Homeland Security Event: ‘Iraq, Afghanistan and the future of US Counter-Insurgency’

By kind invitation of Derek Twigg MP, The All Party Parliamentary Group on Transatlantic and International Security was pleased to host a meeting with Lieutenant Colonel Joel Rayburn, U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel with 18 years of experience in intelligence and political-military affairs. With the United States having withdrawn all combat troops from Iraq and with peace talks with … Continued

25 Jan 2012

The Al Qaeda Factor: Plots against the West?

By kind invitation of John Spellar MP, The Henry Jackson Society was pleased to host a meeting with Mitchell D. Silber, Director of both the NYPD Intelligence Division’s Analytic and Cyber Units.  As part of his responsibilities, he supervises the analysis of the portfolio of terrorism related investigations within the Intelligence Division, and as such, … Continued


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