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04 Aug 2008

British Influence in a Changing World

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: 1.     The rise of new global power centres and a corresponding movement of the gravity of influence from the West to the East and from North to South, requires a repositioning of British focus.  If Britain is to maintain its proven ability to influence, it must act to solidify a position as a central … Continued

10 Jul 2008

After Bush – The Case for Continuity in American Foreign Policy

By kind invitation of  Stephen Crabb MP, the Henry Jackson Society hosted a discussion with Professor Robert Singh and Dr Timothy Lynch in the House of Commons on 10th July.  Authors of ‘After Bush: The Case for Continuity in American Foreign Policy’, Professor Singh and Dr Lynch addressed the society on the issue of the future of American foreign … Continued

08 Jul 2008

Iranian Human Rights: How we can make a difference

By kind invitation of Graham Stuart MP, the Henry Jackson Society and Confederation of Iranian Students are pleased to be able to invite you to a discussion with Nazanin Afshin-Jam, international human rights activist, recording artist and model, to examine what Iranians themselves and the broader international community can do to put pressure on the regime to conform to norms of … Continued

02 Jul 2008

UK Counter-Radicalisation Strategy: Accommodation to confrontation?

By kind invitation of Stephen Hammond MP, the Henry Jackson Society and the Centre for Social Cohesion were pleased to be able to invite you to a discussion with Jonathan Paris, Adjunct Fellow with the Hudson Institute, WashingtonDC to discuss his report and conclusions. Transcript I think the U.K. is the bell weather for Europe in terms of counter-terrorism. We’ve had four wake-up calls for … Continued

30 Jun 2008

Obama, McCain & US Policy in the Middle East

By kind invitation of Chris Bryant MP, the Henry Jackson Society were pleased to be able to host a discussion in the House of Commons with United States Ambassador Marc Ginsburg on the topic of ‘Obama, McCain and US policy in the Middle East’. Ambassador Ginsburg’s wide and distinguished experience as a global investment banker, international lawyer, media … Continued

26 Jun 2008

The Levantine Conundrum – The Iran-Hezbollah-Syria Nexus

By kind invitation of Gisela Stuart MP, the Henry Jackson Society was pleased to be able to host a discussion with Dr. Shmuel Bar, Director of Studies at the Institute of Policy and Strategy, Herzliya & Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, Washington DC. He assessed the current state of politics in the Middle East, offered an insider’s analysis of the … Continued

11 Jun 2008

Turkey in 2008

By kind invitation of Bob Laxton MP, the Henry Jackson Society was pleased to host a discussion with Professor Ahmet Davutoglu to address an audience at the House of Commons about Turkish foreign policy. Professor Davutoglu is the Chief Foreign Policy Advisor to the Turkish Prime Minister. He outlined Turkey’s foreign policy and spoke about Turkey’s unique … Continued

28 May 2008

Poverty, Development and Democracy in Latin America

By kind invitation of John Grogan MP, the Henry Jackson Society was pleased to be able to host a discussion with former President of Peru Dr Alejandro Toledo to examine the current state of affairs in Latin America. Dr Toledo considered how the region can take real strides in reducing poverty, improving development and strengthening democracy, as well as develop … Continued

22 May 2008

HJS Event: Al-Qaeda and the Internet

By kind  invitation of Patrick  Mercer MP, the Henry Jackson  Society and the Centre for Social Cohesion were pleased to host a discussion with Radio  Free Europe/Radio Liberty analyst Daniel Kimmage, who examined the strategies employed by Al Qaeda and affiliated  organisations in using the internet to distribute their propaganda materials. This theme has also been examined in Mr Kimmage’s … Continued

21 May 2008

Fixing Failed States

By kind invitation of Tony Baldry MP, the  Henry Jackson  Society hosted a discussion with Ashraf Ghani and Clare Lockhart, who analysed the issue of ‘failed states’ and explained their idea for rebuilding these states as outlined in their book, Fixing Failed States: A Framework for Rebuilding a Fractured World. Dr Ashraf Ghani is the Chairman of the  Institute of … Continued

19 May 2008

HJS Event: A Liberal Democratic Challenge to the UN: A League of Democracies?

By kind invitation of Baroness Cox, the Henry Jackson Society was pleased to host a discussion with leading human rights campaigner Professor Thomas Cushman, who examined the prospects for a League of Democracies and answered audience questions. Thomas Cushman is Professor of Sociology at Wellesley College, the Founding editor of Human Rights Review, and the founding … Continued

08 May 2008

HJS Event: The Powers to Lead – Effective Leadership in the 21st Century

By kind invitation of David Howarth MP, the Henry Jackson Society: Project for Democratic Geopolitics hosted a discussion with Prof. Joseph Nye, Former Dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School who talked about ‘The Powers to Lead’ and answered audience questions. Joseph S. Nye, Jr. is Distinguished Service Professor at Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, … Continued

07 May 2008

HJS Event: The US Presidential Election and Foreign Policy

By kind invitation of Mike Gapes MP, the Henry Jackson Society: Project for Democratic Geopolitics hosted a discussion with former Congressman Stephen Solarz about US foreign policy after the November 2008 Presidential elections. Congressman Solarz has extensive experience in Washington and working with key issues in US foreign affairs. He assessed the current state of the presidential … Continued

01 Apr 2008

HJS Event: The Iranian Challenge to International Law and Values

By kind invitation of Louise Ellman MP, the Henry Jackson Society  was pleased to host a discussion with Professors David Menashri (Tel Aviv University – Israel’s leading Iran expert) and Charles Asher Small (Director of the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy, Yale University) who analysed the Iranian challenge in the areas of freedom, democracy, human rights … Continued

11 Mar 2008

HJS Event: Battling the Misconceptions in the War of Ideas Against Islamism

By kind invitation of Douglas Carswell MP, the Henry Jackson Society and Centre for Social Cohesion are pleased to be able to invite you to a discussion with Col. Keith Pavlischek, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington DC to compare and contrast US and British ways of battling the misconceptions in the war of ideas against … Continued

05 Mar 2008

HJS Event: Iran After the National Intelligence Estimate

The Henry Jackson Society was pleased to host a discussion with Ilan Berman, Vice President for Policy at the American Foreign Policy Council. Richard Spring MP acted as our host and chairman on this occasion. Without question, the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran issued by the US intelligence community in December 2007 has confused international attempts to encourage Iran to … Continued

26 Feb 2008

HJS Event: On Counterinsurgency: How to triumph in the age of asymmetric warfare

By kind invitation of Bob Laxton MP, the Henry Jackson Society and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy London were delighted to welcome Prof. Martin van Creveld, world renowned military historian and strategist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to provide an analysis of how we can triumph in the age of asymmetric warfare. In recent years, once straightforward military engagements have … Continued

25 Feb 2008

HJS Event: Lessons from Progress in Iraq

By kind invitation of Gisela Stuart MP, the Henry Jackson Society was delighted to welcome Dr. Patrick Clawson, Deputy Director for Research at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, who provided an analysis of the current state of affairs in both countries, and an informed view of how we can use progress in Iraq to inform and assist policy towards Iran. … Continued

18 Feb 2008

HJS Event: Israel and the Palestinians Post Annapolis & Bush’s Middle East Visit: Prospects for Peace

By kind invitation of Stephen Hammond MP, the Henry Jackson Society was delighted to welcome Prof. Shai Feldman, Director of the Crown Center for Middle East Studies, Brandeis University, to provide an analysis of the current state of thinking in Israel, the Palestinian Authority and international opinion. Professor Shai Feldman is Director of the Crown Center for Middle … Continued

08 Feb 2008

HJS-EFD Conference: Democratic Reforms in Armenia

The European Foundation for Democracy, together with the Henry Jackson Society and the European Movement in Armenia cordially hosted a one-day conference on ‘Democratic Reforms in Armenia in an Evolving Geopolitical Context – A focus on the forthcoming presidential elections’ The guest of honour and keynote speaker was Lord David Trimple, Nobel Laureate What is … Continued

06 Feb 2008

HJS Event: Iran’s Nuclear File – What can Europe do?

By kind invitation of Dr Denis MacShane MP, the Henry Jackson Society was delighted to welcome Dr Emanuele Ottolenghi, Executive Director of the Transatlantic Institute, Brussels to provide an analysis of whether European countries – not affected by the particular relationship the USA has had with Iran since 1979 – can do more to meet the international security threat posed by … Continued

30 Jan 2008

HJS Event: Energy Security in the Western World

By kind invitation of David Ruffley MP, the Henry Jackson Society was delighted to welcome Dr Gal Luft, Executive Director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS) and co-founder of the Set America Free Coalition – described recently by Esquire magazine as “the most hated man in Riyadh, Detroit, and Des Moines”. Dr. Luft explained why … Continued

21 Jan 2008

HJS Event: A Forward Strategy for Democracy Promotion in 2008 and Beyond

By kind invitation of Bruce George MP, the Henry Jackson Society and Westminster Foundation for Democracy are delighted to welcome Carl Gershman, President of the National Endowment of Democracy, Washington DC – the USA’s leading democracy promotion organisation, established by Congress in 1983 as a grant-making body to fund democracy programmes overseas – to answer this question and explain why democracy promotion … Continued

27 Dec 2007

The U.S. elections and the future of American foreign policy

As the USA moves closer towards the 2008 elections, the issue of foreign policy has become far more important to the voter than in past elections. Today, the war in Iraq, the war on terrorism, America’s standing on the world scene, and energy security have all become commonplace concerns for the American people. For these … Continued

04 Dec 2007

HJS London Event: Islamic Radicalisation in Europe

By kind invitation of Chris Bryant MP, the Henry Jackson Society was delighted to welcome Farah Pandith, Senior Advisor at the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, US State Department, who provided a US perspective on how integration can triumph over radicalisation. Ms. Pandith has extensive knowledge of outreach to the Islamic world and has special responsibility for Muslim communities … Continued

22 Nov 2007

HJS London Event: Assessing the Iranian Threat

By kind invitation of Gisela Stuart MP, the Henry Jackson Society was delighted to welcome Prof. Raymond Tanter of the Iran Policy Committee, Washington DC to answer the following question: with the Iranian regime continuing its programme of uranium enrichment despite widespread international condemnation, but with paralysis at the United Nations about the appropriate measures … Continued

18 Nov 2007

Iran: World danger or overrated threat?

The Henry Jackson Society was pleased to host a discussion on ‘Iran: World danger or overrated threat?’ Transcript Critics of military action against Iran can become immersed in the minutiae supporting the notion that Iran seeks nuclear power, rather than nuclear weapons. However there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Iran’s nuclear activity is coupled … Continued

18 Nov 2007

HJS London Event: Is the Middle East ready for peace?

The Kinloss Learning Centre, the Zionist Federation and the Henry Jackson Society were proud to present Richard Perle who delivered the lecture ‘Onward to Annapolis: Is the Middle East ready for peace?’. A leading American neoconservative and vocal supporter of Israel, Richard Perle served as Assistant to US Secretary of Defence under Ronald Reagan and … Continued

22 Oct 2007

On Monday, October 22, a unique conference took place in Jerusalem. Speakers included Jim Roche, the Secretary of the US Air Force, David Brodet, former Director of the Ministry of Finance, and former Israeli Air Force Commanders, General David Ivry, General Eitan Ben Eliahu and General Herzle Bodinger. The event provided a high level perspective … Continued


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