Asia Studies Centre


The Asia Studies Centre attempts to provide an in-depth understanding of the structural shifts, regional complexities and historic tensions that exist alongside the tremendous economic and social growth that traditionally characterise the “rise of Asia”.

With some predicting that the region will account for 40% of global GDP by 2050, a post-Brexit Britain must develop a foreign policy posture for the region that navigates British economic interests and cultural and political values on the one hand, while maintaining strong support for regional liberal democracies and international law on the other. Dr John Hemmings is the Director of the Asia Studies Centre.

Hong Kong: The Steady Erosion of Freedom

Defending our Data: Huawei, 5G and the Five Eyes


The South China Sea: Why It Matters To “Global Britain”

Negotiating the Peace: Diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula

Global Britain in the Indo-Pacific

Hong Kong After 20 Years: the Rollback of Civil, Human, and Legal Rights

Safeguarding Our Systems: Managing Chinese Investment into the UK’s Digital and Critical National Infrastructure

India: Security Challenges and National Responses


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