Event: Grave New World: The End of Globalisation, The Return of History


Grave New World: The End of Globalisation, The Return of History

TIME:  15th June, 18:00 – 19:00

VENUE: The Henry Jackson Society, 26th Floor
Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP


Stephen D. King
Author, Grave New World
Senior Economic Adviser, HSBC

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Globalization, long considered the best route to economic prosperity and the apparent norm for decades, may not be as inevitable as we think.  It may be about to go abruptly into reverse. An approach built on the principles of free trade and, since the 1980s, open capital markets is beginning to fracture. With disappointing growth rates across the Western world, nations are no longer willing to sacrifice national interests for global growth; nor are their leaders able—or willing— to sell the idea of pursuing a global agenda of prosperity to their citizens.

The Henry Jackson Society is delighted to invite you to an event with Stephen D. King, author of the recently-published Grave New World.  Combining historical analysis with current affairs, King explains why globalization is being rejected, why international institutions are failing, what a world ruled by rival states with conflicting aims might look like, and how the pursuit of nationalist agendas could result in a race to the bottom. He examines three key twenty-first century challenges – migration, technology, and currency wars – and also takes a close look at the influence of history and culture: the West, Russia, China and Islam all have their own globalization narratives, making further progress towards globalization increasingly fraught. What went wrong? Can this march towards isolationism be halted? And what is the likely impact upon our future prosperity?


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