Event: ‘Christianity in the Middle East: Hezbollah and Refugees’


8bee75af-550a-4f63-a63e-f94f319463a9TIME: 9th February, 13:00 – 14:00

Committee Room Two, House of Lords
Palace of Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA

Dr Naji Emile Hayek
Member of the Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement

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Christians in Lebanon are living in fear and continuous struggle. Once representing over three quarters of the population, they now account for less than a third. Nevertheless, they are still the largest Christian population in the Middle East and have been there since the very early days of Christianity. The causes of their decline are instructional.

By kind invitation of Baroness Cox, The Henry Jackson Society is delighted to invite you to an event with Dr Naji Emile Hayek. Dr Hayek will present a brief introduction to the events that contributed to the undermining of Christianity in Lebanon, together with the power structure. The current and future main problems, threats and potential solutions will be discussed. He will argue that if the largest Christian community in the Middle East gets wiped out then Christianity’s days in the Islamic Middle East are numbered.

Dr. Naji Emile Hayek is a Lebanese Politician. He is a member of the political bureau of the Free Patriotic Movement which is the foremost Lebanese Christian Democratic party founded by the current Lebanese President – General Michel Aoun. Throughout the Lebanese war, Dr. Hayek’s activities have been linked with the Christian military forces who fought the Syrian, Palestinian and other theocratic forces that tried to occupy and impose their values on democratic Lebanon. After the war officially ended in 1990, he was involved with all the civilian uprisings and demonstrations aimed at liberating Lebanon. He was part of the team that worked with the US congress in order to pass the ‘Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act’ that eventually led to the Syrian Army’s withdrawal from Lebanon in 2005.


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