Vladimir Putin warned as US sends hundreds of tanks to Europe to defend Nato’s borders


Originally published in the Express.

Hundreds of US tanks have arrived in Europe to ensure the Continent remains “whole, free, prosperous, and at peace” amid growing tensions with Russia.

In newly released footage, American soldiers and military equipment can be seen arriving at the German port of Bremerhaven, north Germany, in a clear warning to that  will not be tolerated.

Dr Andrew Foxall, director of the Russia Studies Centre at the Henry Jackson Society, a London-based think-tank, said the UK needs to take the Russian threat seriously.

He said: “Russia has been able to gain valuable information about the chain of command, and preparedness of elements within the UK defence Russia’s submarines, which lurk off naval bases in Scotland, seek been more sensitive information – the acoustic signature made by the Vanguard submarines.

“If Russia were able to obtain a recording of the signature, it would have serious implications for the UK’s nuclear deterrent – Russia would be able to track Vanguards and potentially sink them before they could launch their missiles.”

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