Event: ‘The India-China-US Triangle’


madhavTIME: 12:30-13:30, Monday 19th September 2016

VENUE: The Henry Jackson Society, Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, SW1P 4QP

SPEAKER: Professor Madhav Das Nalapat, Vice-Chair, Manipal Advanced Research Group and UNESCO Peace Chair, Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal University, India

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Sino-Indian relations have been in a state of flux ever since India became, in 1950, one of the first states in the world to recognise the PRC as the legitimate government of mainland China. The relationship has been marked by border conflicts, including a war in 1962, but also periods of détente, and a recent commitment to entrench economic ties. Despite this rapprochement, it is entirely plausible that the next rupture in the international system could occur as a result of tensions between these two states, or between states in their respective spheres of influence. Relations between India and the US are perhaps warmer and are typified by economic co-operation and a joint effort to combat terrorism. The triangular relationship between the three states is characterised by each state’s worries that the other two may align against them. The US’s role as a security guarantor to South Korea, Japan and, albeit less overtly, many other states in East and South-East Asia also influences the geopolitical dynamic between this vital triad of states.

The Henry Jackson Society are pleased to invite you to an event with Professor Madhav Das Nalapat, former Editor of the Times of India, who will examine India’s borders with China, China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ development strategy, the importance of US- India military collaboration and the situation in the South China Sea. He will add his insight into, and forecast for, India’s relations with both global powers.
To attend, please RSVP to rsvp@henryjacksonsociety.org – RSVPs must include your full name and any affiliations including for any guests you wish to bring. We will send a confirmation that will be required to attend the event.

Madhav Das Nalapat is Vice-Chair of the Manipal Advanced Research Group and UNESCO Peace Chair at the Department of Geopolitics and International Relations at Manipal University, India. A believer and promoter of India as a global power, Professor Nalapat’s work has defined India’s new nationalism since the 1980’s.

A Gold Medalist in Economics from Bombay University, Professor Nalapat’s academic career began as a fellow of the Centre for Political Research in 1974.  He is the former Editor at The Times of India and is the author of seven books, the latest being The Practice of Geopolitics. Professor Nalapat is an expert on religious extremism, national security, foreign policy and political strategy and has contributed to the China Daily, Global Times, CNN Global Square, the Diplomat, The Pakistan Observer, Gateway House, Radio Free Europe, United Press International and many others.

Professor Nalapat wrote as early as 1992 that Wahhabism was the main security threat of the future, has written about the possibility of an Asian NATO, and in 2006 was the first to predict that Narendra Modi would be the next Prime Minister of India.


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