How Choudary corrupted the minds of children: He inspired boy, 5, to shout ‘shame’ at women not wearing burkas, his brother, 12, to defend Charlie Hebdo killers and their sister, 9, to dream of going to Syria


For nearly 20 years, Anjem Choudary thought he was untouchable. The Islamic hate preacher stood on street corners with a microphone spewing out vile anti-British propaganda condemning Western lifestyles and promising that Islamic flags would soon fly over Downing Street.

He called for the Queen to wear a burka, drunks to receive 40 lashes, and told his increasingly fanatical Muslim disciples — some just children — that it was their duty to claim State benefits (or ‘jihadseeker’s allowance’, as he called it) to impoverish this country.

Research by the Henry Jackson Society, a UK-based think-tank on security, shows that almost a quarter of Islamic-linked terror offenders in the UK since 1999 have been inspired by Choudary or his close associates.

Remarkably, it says one in ten had a personal relationship with him.

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