Kim’s missile supermarket: North Korea will sell nukes to anyone – even ISIS


Multiple missile tests have been ordered by Kim Jong-un in recent months in a bid to boost the range of his rockets.

The defiant North Korean also detonated a hydrogen bomb in January and restarted the Yongbyon nuclear reactor.

Kyle Orton, a security analyst focused on the Middle East, said the North had even tried to sell to Saddam Hussein in the past.

On the eve of the Iraq invasion, the Iraqi dictator was offered not just Rodong missiles – but the tech necessary to make more at home.

Mr Orton told Daily Star Online: “Since then, North Korea has been shown to have very deep links, on nuclear and other weaponry, with Iran.

“The North Korean regime will sell anything to anybody who has the cash. They would doubtless sell missiles and anything else to ISIS if they had the money.”

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